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AI in Social Media Causes Mental Health Issues

We have all experienced it at one time or another, when we briefly needed to check something on our phone, opened our favorite app out of curiosity and got caught by an AI algorithm. Before you know it, you are an hour away, completely distracted from your original purpose for which you grabbed your phone in the first place. As this is a persistent problem these days, we will discuss the negative effects of AI in social media on one’s mental health in this article.

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Deepfakes And The Need For New Policy And Education

In modern days, there are several different programs that can be used to modify pictures and videos, for example Photoshop and deepfakes. Unlike Photoshop, which can be used for enhancing real human faces, deepfakes are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that synthesize videos in which the face of a real person is replaced by that […]

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AI vs AI: the Risks of Deepfakes and the Need of Regulations

Imagine you are going about your day as usual and suddenly a friend sends you a very realistic video of you (with your full name present) in a pornographic film you did not take part in or gave consent to. How would you feel? Shocked, embarrassed, scared, angry, and in disbelief? There may not be […]

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Deepfakes: When ‘Seeing is Believing’ becomes a thing of the past

Why deepfake technologies may have unprecedented implications for society, justice and politics, and why their development and open-sourcing must be reconsidered.

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