Power & Inequality

Balancing Safety and Personal Privacy: Navigating the Ethical Boundaries in AI-Powered Video Surveillance

Typically, when mentioning Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the general public, there is a very optimistic view. Especially with the recent advancements where Large Language (LLM) Models have taken over daily tasks and makes life easier. For example, looking at ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bing Chat by Microsoft. However, generally speaking, as with every new technique […]

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Human & Machine

The Dark Side of Neurotechnologies: Why Governments Must Protect Society

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a key instrument in society and is already impacting the way we humans participate in it. A revolutionized field of impact has been that of neurotechnology. Neurotechnologies, such as artificially intelligent neural implants encompass all electronic devices that directly interact with the human brain, where AI is often deployed […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

Deepfakes And The Need For New Policy And Education

In modern days, there are several different programs that can be used to modify pictures and videos, for example Photoshop and deepfakes. Unlike Photoshop, which can be used for enhancing real human faces, deepfakes are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that synthesize videos in which the face of a real person is replaced by that […]

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Power & Democracy

Politicians should protect politics from AI

Why the use of AI in politics should be restricted and regulated The prospect of AI working for us and enriching our lives, is not a new one. Various research covering the topic has been published over the years [a, b]. In these articles the possibilities of AI are sketched [a, b]. Not all predictions […]

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