Power & Inequality

Balancing Safety and Personal Privacy: Navigating the Ethical Boundaries in AI-Powered Video Surveillance

Typically, when mentioning Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the general public, there is a very optimistic view. Especially with the recent advancements where Large Language (LLM) Models have taken over daily tasks and makes life easier. For example, looking at ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bing Chat by Microsoft. However, generally speaking, as with every new technique […]

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E-Waste in Global South
Climate & Resources

Transparency: the Starting Point of Affirmative Climate Action

Why governments should enforce Big Tech companies to be transparent about their environmental and social impact Introduction In 2022 it was estimated that roughly 1.7% of the world’s electricity was used by large Information and Communication Industry (ICT) services which power all computers giving power to Amazon and Google cloud. However, this 1.7% is projected […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

Peeking Behind the AI Curtain: Navigating the Transparency Trap

Who will stand behind AI when we can no longer be sure of the intent behind the algorithms? Transparency, by definition, is the ease to perceive or detect something, whereas, in the context of Artificial Intelligence, it is referred to as explainable AI, this relates to humans being able to perceive the amount of testing […]

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Human & Machine

Don’t Let the Industry Take Care of AI Ethics

On January 9, 2020, Robert Julian-Borchak Williams was called by the Detroit Police Department with the request to turn himself in. Williams assumed this was a silly joke, but an hour later the police showed up at his house to arrest him in front of his wife and children. After spending a night in jail, […]

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Power & Democracy

Politicians should protect politics from AI

Why the use of AI in politics should be restricted and regulated The prospect of AI working for us and enriching our lives, is not a new one. Various research covering the topic has been published over the years [a, b]. In these articles the possibilities of AI are sketched [a, b]. Not all predictions […]

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Power & Democracy

Data is power: Companies should pay a data tax

Data is becoming the new oil. Companies nowadays collect all data they can, whether they need it or not. This also includes personal information of everyone who uses their services. Businesses generate a lot of revenue by using our data for free. Data is worth a lot of money, so collecting and using it should […]

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