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The advantages of Deepfakes greatly outweigh their disadvantages… Here’s why.

In April 2021 the Dutch Parliament video called with a staff member of Aleksej Navalny. Although, that was what the parliamentarians thought they did. Within a matter of time it turned out that the Parliament had been fooled. Now you might wonder; how could a professional organization such as the Dutch Parliament be so stupid? […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

Faking it: The rise of deepfake powered deception and its consequences.

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) ) technology continues to advance, a new and potentially dangerous trend is emerging: deepfakes. Deepfakes are digital creations that use machine learning algorithms to manipulate audio, video, and images in a way that makes it appear as though someone is saying or doing something that they did not […]

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AI vs AI: the Risks of Deepfakes and the Need of Regulations

Imagine you are going about your day as usual and suddenly a friend sends you a very realistic video of you (with your full name present) in a pornographic film you did not take part in or gave consent to. How would you feel? Shocked, embarrassed, scared, angry, and in disbelief? There may not be […]

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