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Selling personal data should not be allowed

Who should own personal data? Is it the users? Is it the company harvesting it? While we wrestle with our answers to this, data collected by companies is being sold to third parties. It is available to anyone willing to pay. Should companies be allowed to sell users’ personal data? The meteoric rise in the […]

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Human & Machine

The Dark Side of Neurotechnologies: Why Governments Must Protect Society

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a key instrument in society and is already impacting the way we humans participate in it. A revolutionized field of impact has been that of neurotechnology. Neurotechnologies, such as artificially intelligent neural implants encompass all electronic devices that directly interact with the human brain, where AI is often deployed […]

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AI vs AI: the Risks of Deepfakes and the Need of Regulations

Imagine you are going about your day as usual and suddenly a friend sends you a very realistic video of you (with your full name present) in a pornographic film you did not take part in or gave consent to. How would you feel? Shocked, embarrassed, scared, angry, and in disbelief? There may not be […]

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