Author: Taylor Doughty & Eva van der Heide

Power & Democracy

AI’s role in economic inequality: benefitting some, potentially harming millions

Since its emergence, artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to play a key role in the labor markets in almost every country on the planet. New and exciting innovations in technology have been projected to greatly improve labor through the automation of tasks,  with online sources claiming AI will help make the workplace easier for nearly […]

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Human & Machine

Super intelligent AI will create ideas and ways of thinking that humans cannot comprehend. We are here to tell you why this might be a good thing.

It is likely that at some point in life, you have struggled to understand something, whether it be a complex equation, or your uncle’s bizarre political beliefs. Regardless of what it was, it surely was possible to understand in the end. For instance, you may have begun taking math lessons, or spent more time reading-up […]

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