Shaping Responsible AI

Power & Democracy

Companies developing LLMs should be held liable for the damages caused by them!

Ask yourself: would you board an airplane knowing that half of its engineers believe there is a 10% chance of a catastrophic failure? This is the reality in the AI landscape right now, where 50% of AI researchers believe that there is a 10% or more chance that AI will lead to human extinction, due to […]

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Power & Inequality

Balancing Safety and Personal Privacy: Navigating the Ethical Boundaries in AI-Powered Video Surveillance

Typically, when mentioning Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the general public, there is a very optimistic view. Especially with the recent advancements where Large Language (LLM) Models have taken over daily tasks and makes life easier. For example, looking at ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bing Chat by Microsoft. However, generally speaking, as with every new technique […]

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