Power & Democracy

In AI we trust: How the decisions of AI are more fair than those of humans

bias, or unfairness, is omnipresent in society, and is becoming more debated now that it has become clear that not only humans, but also algorithms are biased in their decision-making. These non-rational judgements can have a great negative impact on people’s lives, for example when negatively biased against certain demographic groups, a specific gender, race, […]

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Human & Machine

Blinded by the Hype: Unrealistic Expectations of AI

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has morphed from something that appears in fiction to something that has become reality. Only ten years ago, nobody would have expected that any artificial system would be able to recognize human faces based on pictures, or diagnose cancer based on X-ray scans. The developments within the field of AI magnified people’s expectations […]

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