Protected: Why AI currently rather damages than benefits society

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Power & Democracy

AI’s role in economic inequality: benefitting some, potentially harming millions

Since its emergence, artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to play a key role in the labor markets in almost every country on the planet. New and exciting innovations in technology have been projected to greatly improve labor through the automation of tasks,  with online sources claiming AI will help make the workplace easier for nearly […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy War & Peace

“Is AI making military harmful and overpowered?”

Introduction The rising demand in the defense sector of any government in the world is the incorporation and deployment of Intelligent Systems in the battlefield and in general surveillance. This is to reduce manual involvement and empty battlefields of human combatants. Although Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of algorithms to adapt to the specific […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

Cancelling Robbogeddon – Why AI Won’t Make Human Labor Obsolete

“The changes are so profound that, from the perspective of human history, there has never been a time of greater promise or potential peril” Klaus Schwab, author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution Humanity is experiencing a time of rapid technological development. Advances in Artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to augment automation are seen as […]

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