Day: January 28, 2021

War & Peace

Why Regulating Lethal Autonomous Weapons is The Better Option

In today’s society, one cannot take Artificial Intelligence (AI) out of the equation. In fact, AI is getting more and more ingrained into our society every day. Some examples of these AI developments are early stroke detection in healthcare, protecting crops from weeds using a robot, and discovering new solar systems. These are helpful developments, […]

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Power & Democracy

The Leader in Artificial Intelligence Will Become the Leader of the World

Another Cold War might just be closer than we think, but instead of focusing on nuclear weapons, the focus could very well be on Artificial Intelligence instead. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that it could easily turn from cold to an all out war.

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

Big Tech is rewiring our behaviour, why we should be concerned

Tech experts are rapidly changing our society by the development of systems driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our brains try to adapt to this evolving world, although not without consequences. How is our behaviour affected by the urge to adapt to new technologies? And should decisions for technologies with an impact of this magnitude be taken solely by a couple of commercially driven tech experts?

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