Day: February 3, 2020

Human & Machine

Artificial Inadequacy: Why Humanity is Probably Fucked

For decades, science fiction has been fascinated with the idea that human creations would rise to overthrow us. From the works of Isaac Asimov to The Matrix, the dangerous side of AI has been a powerful theme. Now, the media floods us with contrasting extremes that suggest AI will either bring about humanity’s demise or […]

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Power & Democracy

AI Will Not Halt The Rampant Dissemination Of Misinformation

As artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in modern-day society, it is used as both a scapegoat as well as a proposed solution to the problem of the rapid dissemination of misinformation and fake news. However, AI-based solutions will not suffice, as this is not principally an AI-based problem. The morning after the 1948 United […]

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