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Looking Beyond the Hype: Revealing the Dangers of Large Language Models

With the rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, hype around Large Language Models (LLMs) has grown, signaling the start of what seems like an arms race as companies push to create ever larger models. Many readers have likely asked ChatGPT some silly questions, but how many are aware of the potential dangers posed by such seemingly innocent […]

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The Worrying Sustainability of LLMs

In the past year, major tech conferences have had a buzzword overflow caused by the word “AI.” Realistically, what Google, Microsoft, and Meta mean when discussing AI is Large Language Model (LLM). These are ginormous systems of computing, costing hundreds of millions to set up and run in electricity costs, worker costs, and cooling water […]

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Companies developing LLMs should be held liable for the damages caused by them!

Ask yourself: would you board an airplane knowing that half of its engineers believe there is a 10% chance of a catastrophic failure? This is the reality in the AI landscape right now, where 50% of AI researchers believe that there is a 10% or more chance that AI will lead to human extinction, due to […]

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