Labour & Ownership Power & Inequality

Universal Basic Income (UBI): The Answer to AI Job losses

What does the future of work look like? With the advances in technology, workers in various sectors will see their jobs automated and mechanised. According to a recent Goldman Sachs report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could potentially replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs. Another prediction was made by OpenAI researchers and presented in a […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

How autonomous cars will create vulnerabilities and risks

Data Privacy It’s not without reason that everything has its costs. This also applies to the comfort and safety benefits that autonomous cars bring with them. However, in this case, you don’t just pay with your money. The technical possibilities to adjust the driving experience to you as an individual and take over tasks are […]

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Power & Democracy

Impact of AI in the job market – Will AI promote economic stability ?

Introduction As recent technological advancements have propelled at an enormous rate, AI which benefits from these advancements hands-on, has taken the center stage and is considered one of the leading technologies of this century, with a major impact on society and people’s lives. The human and machine interaction but also symbiosis has increased drastically these […]

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