Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Human & Machine Labour & Ownership

Don’t panic: AGI may steal your coffee mug, but it’ll also make sure you have time for that coffee break.

AGI in the Future Workplace In envisioning the future of work in the era of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), there exists apprehension among individuals regarding the potential displacement of their employment roles by AGI or AI in general. AGI is an artificial general intelligence that can be used in different fields, as it is defined […]

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Human & Machine

Large Langauge Models : Sentient or AGI

Can Large Language Models become sentient or is it just a step closer to AGI? Artificial Intelligence involves creating intelligent machines to perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. With advancements in various AI technologies, it has the potential to transform society and bring a new era of technological innovation for example the image you see […]

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