Power & Inequality

Breaking the Bias Barrier: The Need for Positive Discrimination in Favor of Women in AI

The Issue Justitia is the blindfolded Goddess that guards the integrity of our human judgment. Mythology has introduced her as the daughter of the Sky and Earth, and the mother of Justice, Peace, and Lawful Government. Courtrooms channel her symbolism to help us be valued and judged by our actions, not our appearance. With Artificial […]

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Human & Machine Power & Democracy

‘Garbage in, Garbage out’ – Why gender biased algorithms lead to amplified stereotypes

Women are hysterical. Real men don’t cry. Women belong in the kitchen and men in the office. Girls are bad at math and Artificial Intelligence is for boys. To most, these may sound familiar. Gender stereotypes are all around us and often deeply embedded in society. They form us during our most sensitive years and […]

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