Labour & Ownership

The Big Data Robbery: How Tech Companies Steal Copyrighted Data

A growing sentiment among many is that it’s high time that tech companies foot the bill for the free training data feasts that have fueled the growth and strength of their generative Artificial Intelligence systems. These systems rely heavily on large amounts of training data to learn from. This data includes text, images, and other […]

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Human & Machine Labour & Ownership

Artists are not getting paid – and that is okay

The case for training AI’s on publicly available copyrighted material Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have taken the world by storm. The release of chat-gpt by OpenAI has catapulted a branch of computer science confined to conferences and journal articles into the mainstream. More recently a new branch of AI systems was introduced to the world, […]

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Human & Machine

The credits of AI generated art belongs to the creators of the AI

In July 2011, a British photographer D. Slater went to a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia to take pictures of, quite shy, black macaque monkeys. His goal was to make a very close up shot of the face of a black macaque, so he put his camera on a tripod and set up the […]

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